2024-03-07 General Meeting

2024-03-07 General Meeting


Campaign Coordinator: @chima
Membership Coordinator: @HipGnosis
Treasurer: @Turcotte
Secretary: @Robert_H
Other members: @Adri_Martinez, @anon26178869, @Joanna, Majed, Tanner
Present members: 9
Quorum: 4

Meeting Notes


  • @chima opened the meeting serving as Meeting Leader

Approval of Minutes

Reports of Members Sick or in Distress

  • @Robert_H root canal finally completed feeling better.

Reports of Officers and Committees

  • Treasurer: submitted FOIR but requires a different process to get dsa irs form we want to complete
  • Secretary: letter from Thomas from the Sacramento Tenants Union
  • Membership Coordinator: later updates
  • Campaign Coordinator: Later updates
  • EWOC: someone tried to form but push back from management, will reach back out to them. NCVDSA took a new case, would like to meet.
  • Public facing material temp working group: No proposal yet will meet more

Unfinished Business

Death of the left

  • needs to be rescheduled

Review:side quest Josh Harder

  • we’ve sent out a letter to his endorsed candidates, didn’t hear back. Sent another letter explaining our position. Another person got a, somewhat minimal response from McNerney campaign.
  • Held rallies
  • @Adri_Martinez spoke on appreciating the focus and the motivation the


Article 2 Mission

  • change some of the geographic, still need to work or live within the county

Article 3 Membership

section 4 censure and removal

  • expands to be clear all can bring them

Section 5: Disclosures

Section 6: Parliamentary Authority

Article V: Section 2: Membership

  • @chima moved we accept the proposed bylaws changes, second by @Joanna, 8 yea, 1 abstain Motion Carries(A)

Reading Group Proposal

  • @HipGnosis was leading one out of the group. Proposing making it a wcu group, once a month

  • members would pick, hopefully related to our current actions

  • Sponsor Solidarity Reading, ran on

  • Moved by @HipGnosis, seconded by @Adri_Martinez, that we establish the WCU reading group. 9 yea Motion Carries(B)

  • Moved by @HipGnosis, seconded by @anon26178869, that we sponsor the Solidarity Reading group ran on @HipGnosis’s discord. 9 yeaMotion Carries(C)

  • Moved by @HipGnosis, seconded by @anon26178869 **??*, that the WCU reading group be open. 9 yea Motion Carries(D)

  • Membership later agreed to read the tenant Union material posted for the first meeting.

New Business


  • members reported on meeting, recording and notes available on our website
  • @chima presented on the potential of joining as a tenant Union
  • Points of Unity, points for the tenant unions to agree to, @chima reports that they are in line with our goals. We would be joining, should we move away from organizing the tenant unions would have to form their collective group.
  • @ moved that we apply to ATUN and develop a plan for should the campaign end, seconded by @. 8 yea, 1 abstain Motion Carries(E)

New Member Orientation + fliers

  • @chima presented about the possibility of flyering for membership

WCU Tenant Union Actions

  • pending upcoming Date March 24th 2-4pm Migrant Center.
  • need to canvass
  • drop fliers with our notes

Wordpress + Dues

  • New website up, still work in progress, Though the join button now works.
  • Able to pay dues. Cash opetion. Stripe processes it holds for a bit, currently goes to @chima’s account. Steering has access to the stripe account to check

Forum Updates

  • Wiki Edits in the WCU Tasks area, so that the members can collaboratively or individually work on tasks for the organization.


Working Meeting Mondays

  • 2024-03-11T07:00:00Z
  • 2024-03-25T07:00:00Z

New member orientation

  • members volunteered to work on it the 11th working meeting
  • we will have a hybrid the 2024-03-14T07:00:00Z

WCUTU public meeting

  • 2024-03-24T07:00:00Z

Death of the Left

  • 2024-03-28T07:00:00Z

Canvasing Cal Villa

  • 2024-03-17T19:00:00Z
  • 2024-03-23T19:00:00Z


Voting Record

(A)Bylaws (B)wcu reading group (C)Sponsor Solidarity Reading group (D)make wcu reading group open to public (E)Atun Affiliation application
@chima yea yea yea yea yea
@HipGnosis yea yea yea yea yea
@Robert_h yea yea yea yea yea
@Adri_Martinez yea yea yea yea yea
@anon26178869 abstain yea yea yea abstain
@Joanna yea yea yea yea yea
@Turcotte yea yea yea yea yea
@Tanner yea yea yea yea yea
Majed yea yea yea yea yea
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Rough draft posted.
Known things still to be done:

  • summarize bylaws changes and link to posts
  • Orientation and flyers new business
  • confirm dates and times

Yes, I seconded.

My vote was YES on the motion to have Working Class Unity sponsor The Solidarity Discord Server Reading Group, but I might have been slow to lower my hand, so it could’ve looked like I was abstaining.

I think there were nine of us in attendance, so the vote tallies are off by one.

Did anyone from @WCU_Steering respond to this?


Hello Sacramento Valley Tenants Union,

Thank you for reaching out. It was really great to hear from your members, Thomas and Johanna, at the virtual conference. Our membership actually just voted, at a recent General Meeting, in favor of joining ATUN and submitting an affiliation request. There’s not a lot of us doing this kind of work/organizing, so it’s nice to know that we have neighbors engaged in the struggle with us. If any of you are ever in Stockton or Lodi, let us know.

In Solidarity,
Working Class Unity

Aside from Steering Committee Members having access to Stripe, the information in our financial records will also need to be readily available to the General Membership, without us having to make a request (See ARTICLE VI. STEERING COMMITTEE, SECTION 6: TREASURER, Subsection 4.2 of our Bylaws). For example, in order to draft a budget for a focus campaign or a side-quest proposal, individual members need to be able to see how much money we have, our current expenses, etc.

Also, with the introduction of dues, we need to create a process or have someone be responsible for verifying who is in good standing to vote, hold office, serve on a committee and propose business before those things take place.