2024-03-18 WCU Steering Committee Meeting

NOTICE: Steering Committee was unable to reach quorum tonight. The rescheduled meeting will be announced as soon as they have those details.

EDIT BY @chima: Please find the meeting notes below: 2024-03-18 WCU Steering Committee Meeting - #4 by chima

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The Steering Committee meeting will be 2024-03-29T03:00:00Z. We will do our best to get the meeting agenda out before the end of Thursday.

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Please use this CrabFit link to fill in your availability for WCU events next month. Filling this out does not obligate you to attend any events, but it will help us better gauge Membership availability at the next General Meeting when we schedule our events. After adding your name and pressing Login, you can also sync your Google Calendar.

2023-03-28 WCU Steering Committee Meeting


Campaign Coordinator: @chima
Membership Coordinator: @HipGnosis
Treasurer: @Turcotte
Secretary: @Robert_H

Meeting Notes

Old Business

  • Reschedule “Death of the Left”
    – Possibly host it at Valley Brewing. Recommendations from Members are welcome.
  • Tabling with flyers for WCU Membership, EWOC
  • Submitting the final version of our 1024A Tax Document for Membership approval

New Business

  • Focus Campaign: @chima will present the No Votes for Genocide, which is largely based on Proposal for Side-Quest: No Votes for Genocide. This is an opportunity for Members to discuss the proposal and continue the discussion on the forum after the meeting. A final vote on approving the Focus Campaign will take place during the following General Meeting on 2024-05-02T07:00:00Z.
  • Bylaw Modifications: The final round of bylaws will be presented at this meeting. These suggested changes were made during the 2024 First Working Class Unity Bylaw Review. Members will then have two weeks to submit any amendments, which Steering will make available to all Members. We will vote to approve the amendment/bylaw change at the next General Meeting.
  • Social Event: Members will be asked if they would like to schedule an additional social event that does not have a political focus like “Death of the Left”
  • Reading Group
    – Created a Submit Your Reading Group Book Recommendations thread for all future reading group recommendations
    – Members will be asked to decide who gets to vote on the next Reading Group assignment. There was concern that members who did not wish to participate in the Reading Group might override the votes of those who did. We need clarification when and when not that may be appropriate.
    – Members will also vote on the next Reading Group assignment.
  • WCU Tenant Union
    – Need to canvas for the 2024-04-06T20:00:00Z TU meeting focused on writing a letter to Code Enforcement
    – Need to schedule a WCUTU Committee meeting with Members to plan the next meeting with CalVilla residents
    – Need to schedule the next meeting with CalVilla residents along with canvassing days
  • Dues Waiver: Steering will present their proposal for a dues waiver/discount
  • Dues Only vs. Taking Donations: We will discuss whether we should adopt DSA’s strategy of largely asking people to “Join” as dues-paying members even if all they want to do is donate to the organization or allow people to donate to WCU without becoming members.
  • Side-Question/Focus Campaign Limitations: Discuss whether we should modify the Focus Campaign so there is only a two-week delay between proposal and final approval instead of the one-month delay we currently have. Also, discuss whether the limitations on Side Quests should be lifted, leaving it to the Membership to decide whether a side quest should be a Focus Campaign or if the Members have the capacity to follow through.


-I think at the 2024-03-07 General Meeting it was said that we would officially put to a vote who would be our delegate for ATUN at the following General Meeting, so I’m not sure if that would go under old business or new business.
-Please add time in the agenda to schedule another date on the calendar for the Temporary Working Group (on Public Facing Material) to meet.

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