2023-10-16 WCU Steering Committee Meeting

2023-10-16 WCU Steering Committee Meeting


Campaign Coordinator: @chima
Membership Coordinator: @HipGnosis
Treasurer: @Turcotte
Secretary: @Robert_H - absent

Meeting Notes

  • Proposed changes to the Working Class Unity Bylaws will be introduced at the next General Meeting.
  • There was discussion around: creating a standard process & an expedited process for approving things like Working Class Unity petitions, statements, etc.; designating a place on the Working Class Unity website for that content; possibly listing all the members of the organization who have signed on to a particular document
  • Steering talked about working to finalize the details for a meeting with tenants.
  • For WCU Tasks, Steering Committee members will start reaching out to membership.
  • To-do list for the Tenant Union Focus Campaign: ask Sandra & Adri if they’d be able to help with translation; find a location and set a date for the meeting with tenants
  • The idea of continuing with Israel/Palestine as a non-campaign activity (sometimes referred to as a “side quest”) was floated around. It may, subject to membership approval at a General Meeting, involve: a new petition, contacting other groups/religious communities, a rally, phone banking, tabling, advocating for Cori Bush’s resolution calling for a ceasefire and a social media push (asking members to post on their own accounts)

If you would like to add or discuss anything related to this meeting, please reply to this thread.

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