2023-08-03 WCU Steering Committee Meeting

2023-08-03 WCU Steering Committee Meeting


Meeting Notes

  • minutes of the last meeting were approved as posted

Old Business


  • Set up a whatsapp group
  • Meeting times. We thought 7 might be a bit late, pushed the rest to 6 to make them uniform. Check at meeting.
  • We should build a contact list for local unions.

Voices of the Working Class

  • Discussed its place as a separate entity vs as an extension of the organization.
  • @chima will get the domain name.

Upcoming Strike status

  • Teamsters are voting, we could check with them.
  • We can criticize it while still understanding a yes vote. Bring to the membership. Particularly the part timer-full timer disparity.
  • Can still work with our generic strike ready pledge.

Reading group

  • have the next final reading group for The ABCs of Capitalism in person the 9th
  • @HipGnosis will lead the friday meeting as @chima can’t make it.
  • Have an main meeting once a month for the reading group, what it should be called. “Reading” might but some people off.
  • synthesize discussion for all the sections

New Business

Canvassing Report

  • @chima discussed feedback from the canvassing, the primary bit being about violence.
  • Talked about establishing people in the community before we could really address that.
  • @chima will reach out with two previous contacts who may be in a situation conducive to tenant organization.
  • Maybe have a workshop or presentation.

Park cleanup

  • Planning for once a month cleanup. Bring to membership.


  • @chima had a draft letter for our positions and the need for distinction from the Democratic party.
  • Tabling
  • Movie Night
  • Clothes Swap

Internal communication

  • Would be helpful for turnout to have a database of the members contact information.

If you would like to add or discuss anything related to this meeting, please reply to this thread.

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