2023-11-02 WCU Steering Committee Meeting

2023-11-02 WCU Steering Committee Meeting


Campaign Coordinator: @chima - absent
Membership Coordinator: @HipGnosis
Treasurer: @Turcotte
Secretary: @Robert_H - absent

Meeting Notes

  • The meeting lacked a quorum. It will require review and approval from an additional Steering Committee Member.
  • @HipGnosis and @Turcotte will continue working on finalizing a location for the first meeting with tenants.
  • @HipGnosis will coordinate with @chima to find out the availability and skills possessed by Working Class Unity membership.
  • @HipGnosis will follow-up with Community Partnership for Families (CPFSJ): Villa Monterey.
  • Huddle Cowork is another option as a location for a meeting with tenants. @HipGnosis thinks the cost may be $40 per hour.
  • discussed IRS Form 1024-A; considering using the same legal services as those utilized by DSA
  • @chima and @HipGnosis may present, to Working Class Unity membership, the training they’ve received from EWOC.
  • proposal: reduce Steering Committee Meetings to once per month & General Meetings to once per month; use the previously scheduled second set of Steering/General Meetings for work
  • talked about having “understudies” for Steering Committee and having Skill Share Meetings (Examples: how to organize, how to do Airtable)

If you would like to add or discuss anything related to this meeting, please reply to this thread.