2023-07-24 WCU General Meeting

2023-07-24 WCU General Meeting

Campaign Coordinator: @chima
Membership Coordinator: @HipGnosis
Treasurer: @Turcotte
Secretary: @Robert_H
Other Members: quorum

Meeting Notes


  • @chima started the recording and opened the meeting before passing to @Robert_H as Meeting Leader
  • @Robert_H asked for approval of the Order of Business
    it was moved by @chima and seconded that we adopt the Order of Business, Motion Carried
  • @Robert_H asked @chima to read a passage
  • silent roll call was taken

minutes of the last sessions

  • minutes of the 2023-07-13 general meeting were approved as posted
  • We discussed minutes open and available on the website even for nonmembers, it was agreed that we should be open with them

Reports of Member Sick or in Distress

  • @Robert_H’s mothers test results on her heart operation all look good
  • @Adri_Martinez’s mother is doing better and is recovered from their injury

Reports of Officers and Committees

  • Secretary: An email from the DSA @chima went over under unfinished business
  • Treasurer: Updated tax documents are still pending processing

other reports

  • @Robert_H and @chima reported on the Landlord research session
  • The members reported that the park cleanup went well
  • @chima reported on the Lodi City council meeting he attended. Money (~$600k) was set aside for design of a skate park. He also reported on their discussion of cameras and their lack of investment in East Lodi

Unfinished Business

Strike Ready Pledge

  • Members discussed a potential petition or action they could take about the $25/hour for part time works
  • Members also discussed the email from DSA and how they felt about working with the DSA or PSL
  • The consensus was that we should be open to working them but must be sure that we remain independent

New Business

How the Housing Economy Works

  • @chima presented and the membership discussed the consequences of housing as a commodity

Community Cleanup Weberstown

  • Members decided to canvas for the cleanup on thursday 6-8 and Saturday 1pm-3pm

Organizing Conversations

  • @chima presented the basics and we planned for more instruction at the next meeting

Social Events

  • we discussed options and decided on Tequileros Taqueria, El Chilango Chido, and Tepa Taqueria for the next after meetings socials


  • @Joanna moved and was seconded that we adjourn
    Motion Carried

If you would like to add or discuss anything related to this meeting, please reply to this thread.


Hey! I was a little surprised to find a link to minutes just because I signed up for the email list, but I think it’s a really cool decision! I am the DSA member who reached out about collaborating. We are looking for socialist orgs who might want to be part of a labor organizing group across the north central valley. (We have some money leftover from UPS activities, and this is what we think we want to put it towards). If you have members for whom labor is a top priority, I would love to talk! I’m at ****@gmail.com

Mod Edit: Removed email address.


Welcome to the forum!
I’m sure we can find some things to collaborate on!