2023-07-18 WCU Steering Committee Meeting

2023-07-18 WCU Steering Committee Meeting


Meeting Notes

  • minutes of the last meeting were approved as posted

Old Business

Park Cleanup

  • We discussed the upcoming park cleanup and considered possible locations as well as the timing, taking into account the weather.
  • It was scheduled for 5:00pm - 8:00pm
    July 23th Stribley Community Park

Accessibility/Usability of the forums

  • We talked about the possibilities of discord or other options like slack.
  • Once tenant campaign is off the ground, double check to see if forum is hindering ability to organize because of its higher barrier to entry.

Tax documents

  • @Turcotte heard back that one of our documents needed a change and that he has submitted a correction.

Tenant organizing

  • @chima discussed its importance and showed some options for an upcoming research session.

Upcoming Events

  • Attending Lodi City Council to advocate for the skate park
  • Strike ready pledge, farmers market

New Business

  • @Robert_H thought we should go over the Rules of Order again and try to integrate it into the meeting. To plan where we can explain the rules
  • We want to have a discussion about the housing economy(yimby etc) and Tenant organizing
  • How to have those conversations, organizing and explaining our views.
  • @chima said he could also ask Joaquin Chavez and Dotty Nyguard
  • we talked about organizing and sharing skill sharing as a value to the community

If you would like to add or discuss anything related to this meeting, please reply to this thread.

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Not to put a point on it but ithis says that i will contact Lucas Long but i have no way of doing that.

My mistake I probably misheard. Removed

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