2023-06-26 WCU General Meeting

2023-06-26 WCU General Meeting

Meeting Notes

New Business

  • @Robert_H gave a presentation on Roberts Rules. Still todo are an appropriate

  • @chima Gave a detailed overview of the membership pipeline. The members agreed on the purpose of developing some “core tenents” and the building membership must be a consistent for sustaining the WCU.

  • @Robert_H moved, seconded by Paulo, that we approve the membership pipeline. Motion carried.

  • @chima moved, seconded by Paulo, that we establish the Voice of the Working Class newspaper. Motion Carried.

  • @chima moved, seconded by Paulo, that we approve the purchase of pins and cards for Working Class Unity as an organization.

  • @chima Presented on the Conflict of Interest policy for members and the Steering Committee. @chima moved, seconded by Paulo, that we have the steering committee members sign the form. Motion carried.

  • @chima presented status of our tax forms and thanked Paulo for his research and work on them.

  • @chima moved, seconded by Paulo that we direct the steering committee complete the forms and obtain a bank account.

  • @chima presented the work he and Paulo had done on the Code of Conduct.

  • @chima presented the proposed bylaws changes. The Vote will be taken next meeting after the appropriate announcment.

  • More detailed reports from the members who attended The ATUN conference will be deliverd next meeting. @chima shared a video of the action taken, delivering a letter to a member of the local tenant unions landlord. He also invited the membership to attuned the virtual follow up meeting to the conference.

  • @chima presented ideas for working with Stockton Community Cleanup.

  • @robert moved, seconded by Paulo, that we direct the steering committee to follow up with them for setting up some events that the WCU will help assist with, providing items for the cleanup. Motion carried.


  • The members brainstormed on how to assist those on the picket line for the potential UPS strike. And discussed potential social events for the membership. We agreed to form a forum thread for planning so that the whole membership could chime in.
  • Hangouts such as dinner will be held after the in person meetings
  • The potential life of tenants unions as a sustained campaign within or supported by the WCU.

If you would like to add or discuss anything related to this meeting, please reply to this thread.