Proposal for Side-Quest: Sponsor Lodi Palestine Protest

I am proposing that we sponsor @MadySeibel’s event on 2024-06-15T18:00:00Z2024-06-15T21:00:00Z.

Sponsoring includes:

  • Sharing a post about the event on our social media
  • Including it as a part of our email blast when we share information about our other events

We will need 5 votes to approve this Side-Quest. Our current quorum is 4 people, but the bylaws state we need a quorum + 1. The Steering Committee can only make up 2 of the votes.

I approve the sponsoring of this event!

I support this action!

I vote to approve the action.

Yes is what I vote on this

Yes vote.

Character minimum reached.

I also vote yes so we are well over the required votes!

@Bozzii, have been able to talk with Mady about what she wants on her fliers? I’ll work on the social media post tonight.