Community Event (Protest for Palestine)

I am scheduling a protest for Palestine in Lodi California, I have talked to Harpeet Chima, who has let me know you guys would be able to help support this event! I would need help with flyers, a speaker as well. We will be fundraising for Palestinian aid as well as educating onlookers about the horrible situation going on in Palestine. Please come to this event if able! We appreciate the help and support!


Hey everyone, just met with @MadySeibel and I asked her to post her event on here. Feel free to reach out to her if there is any other way you can help her out with holding the event.

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I would love to help out with flyers and anything else you need!

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Yes please! Message the number on the flyer so we can talk there! :heart::green_heart::black_heart::white_heart: