Emergency Proposal: Palestine Rally Jan 5th

Before our General Meeting, two events are scheduled: the Vigil for Palestine this Friday and another Protest/Rally on January 5th. These dates were chosen based on the availability of local organizers. If we want to endorse and support the Protest/Rally on January 5th, we’ll need to pass it as an emergency proposal. Later on, we can decide whether to incorporate this work into a full Focus Campaign.

See Meeting about cooperating on future Palestine actions with other groups for more details.

As a reminder, Side Quests (and emergency proposals) must include at least one of three essential functions: administrative work, outreach work, and political education work. Focus campaigns should be “strategically focused, with specific goals to advance socialism and build power for the working class; they should involve organizing for power and mass mobilization of the broader working class in SJC.”

Emergency Proposal: We co-host a Protest/Rally for Palestine on January 5th to exert pressure on Josh Harder and his supporters by leading an exit from the Democratic Party, no matter what their stance on a Ceasefire is in the future. -:person_raising_hand: We need 5 co-sponsors to bring this proposal to the Steering Committee.

As a socialist organization, we should aim to move people beyond merely petitioning Democrats (or Republicans) for reforms or concessions in exchange for our support. In the long run, this approach keeps us as junior partners in their coalition, as we are relying on them getting elected to get these concessions. This not only hinders us from building our own parties and institutions but also makes us responsible for their actions (political education, building power for the working class ).

We should continue to do outreach via phone banking. At the previous phone bank, numerous people said they were not aware of the actions taking place locally, but they wanted to participate. We also need to reach out to any union members/organizations that we may know to attend to get the ball rolling on a larger local coalition (outreach work).

During our next General Meeting, I think we should talk about making “Free Palestine” our second Focus Campaign. However, I believe we should change our authorization frequency to monthly instead of every six months. Given the dire situation in Gaza, we need to honestly assess whether our efforts are making a real impact or if we’re just spinning our wheels. It’s crucial that our work is effective.

Focus Campaign Proposal: If we do choose to move forward with this as a Focus Campaign, I believe our work would be best spent on coalition building, even if it means only one big action a month. The California primary is on March 5th, 2024 with ballots going out a month before that. Now is the optimal time for groups that participate in Democratic Party electioneering to leverage their influence - money/volunteers.

We should continue highlighting the drawbacks of our current two-party system and actively recruit people away from the Democratic Party. Rather than delving deep into the history of Israel/Palestine, we should concentrate on the present and potential future scenarios. You cannot build power unless you understand the reality that you are in today.

We can discuss these details further at the upcoming meeting, where your agreement or disagreement is welcomed. As we discussed during our end-of-year meeting, let’s use this opportunity to learn from past mistakes and develop a clear, detailed, and streamlined campaign process. If we want to do this right, it means implementing the Membership Pipeline, managing the database, and will require a lot of delegation and skill sharing to make sure we do not fall behind.

In summary:

If you support WCU co-hosting the Protest/Rally on January 5th, please vote yes below. Because this action takes place before our next General Meeting (on January 11), we need to take a vote on it online. Emergency actions like this take 5 yes votes from the Membership and then approval by the @WCU_Steering.

At the January 11th General Meeting, we will present Free Palestine as a Focus Campaign, which means we will dedicate more time/energy towards Palestine than a single action. Per our Bylaws, actually voting for the Focus Campaign has to take a month later, which will during our February meeting.

EDIT: I was reminded we have a month delay between presenting a Focus Campaign and actually voting on it (to give the Membership enough time to think about a potentially 6+ month commitment). Edited the post to fix that.

I vote in favor of sponsorship


I vote for the Jan 5th action


I vote in favor as well


I vote in favor of the action


I vote in favor of this action


As a member of steering I vote in favor of this action

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I vote yes in favor of this action

I also vote in favor of this action

Hey everyone, thanks for approving it. We are meeting on 2023-12-30T17:00:00Z via Zoom. Please DM me here or on social media or info@workingclassunity.com and I will forward you the Zoom link.

Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting today.

Genocide Josh & Joe: We Demand a Ceasefire

Location: Corner of Pacific and March Lane
Time: 2024-01-05T22:30:00Z

Below is a list of the tasks and assignments that we discussed during the meeting. Please reply below if you can help with anything you are not assigned to.

Material for Rally


Invite Local Houses of Worship

Project Goal: Extend an invitation to local houses of worship to attend the rally. There has been strong interfaith solidarity for the Palestinian cause elsewhere and we should build that level of solidarity here.
Date: Throughout the week before the rally
Assignments: @collectivestruggle @Bozzii @chima
Google Doc: Contact Information - Local Houses of Worship

It will probably be most effective to go to the houses of worship in person to extend an invitation. Even if they cannot attend this week, get the contact information for a specific person that we can reach out to later. Once we have the list of places, we can assign people to drop by in person. We are not asking them to put up a public stance on Josh or this issue (they may be limited by tax status), but simply to encourage people to come out and to speak up as members of the community.

Key targets that we discussed: Sikh community, mosques, progressive churches

Phone Bank for Ceasefire Petition + Rally Invite

Project Goal: Phone bank likely progressive voters asking them to sign on to the Ceasefire Petition. Also, tell them about the rally on January 5th and invite them to attend.
Date: 2024-01-05T01:30:00Z2024-01-05T02:30:00Z
Assignments: @chima @Christine @Turcotte @collectivestruggle @Joanna @Bozzii
Presentation File: [Google Slide]

If you have not done so already, please visit this link to make an account with GetThru. Then use this link to join the Josh Harder Ceasefire Now phonebank campaign.

If you have not used ThruTalk before, please look through their support page to familiarize yourself with the platform.

Central Valley Unions for a Ceasefire

Project Goal: Hold an online (or hybrid) event inviting union members from across San Joaquin County to discuss pushing the union locals to support a ceasefire + withhold support from Josh until he supports our positions.
Date: TBD
Assignments: @chima @Bozzii
Presentation File: Pushing Your Local to Support Ceasefire
Possible tag lines: No Money For Genocide! Ceasefire Now!

We need to put together a presentation that outlines why labor plays an important role in pushing Congress to support and aid the Palestinian people. The presentation should outline the current situation, a list of unions that have come out in support of a ceasefire, and their demands.

There is a group of CNA nurses and SEIU healthcare workers already working on this; I’m trying to get in contact with them. If anyone knows any union folks, check in and see if they would interested and attending such an event.

Teach In About Palestine/Israel

Project Goal: Hold a teach-in where we discuss what is happening in Palestine and why we are in this situation. This is to offer people who may be overwhelmed with the amount of information that has been put out there with a clear/concise summary.
Date: TBD
Assignments: @Adri_Martinez @Bozzii @chima

A fellow collaborator already has a presentation prepared that we can use as a starting point. Issues we discussed include anti-zionism ≠ anti-semitism; key Zionist quotes; and relating the issue to the daily lives of people here; but understanding the limits of appealing to moral claims.

Article on Josh’s Connection to Bessemer Venture Partners

Project Goal: Please see this thread for details
Due Date: 2024-01-11T08:00:00Z
Assignments: @collectivestruggle @Joanna @Turcotte

Specifically Phone Bank Josh’s Major Donors

Project Goal: Contact Josh’s major donors and ask them to sign on to a pledge saying they will withhold future donations or request money back if Josh does not support our demands. If they refuse, we will publish their names on a list of Genocide Supporting Donors.
Due Date: TBD
Assignments: @Christine @Bozzii @Turcotte @chima

This will likely be through GetThru as well, so please make an account using the links in the phone bank section above. We can get started early by posting Bessemer Venture Partners on that list.

Local Democrats Supporting Genocide

Project Goal: Contact local San Joaquin County Democrats + so-called community activists and ask them to revoke their endorsement of Josh. If they refuse, they go on the same Genocide Supporting list as above.
Due Date: TBD
Assignments: @aleiva01

First, we will build a list of local SJCDP members, delegates to the CDP, and any other high-level Democrats in the county. Then we will start to reach out to them, publicly noting people we have contacted but not heard back from yet.

Additional Tasks

A part of the Steering Committee’s role is to train WCU Members on how to run the organization. If you would like to learn how to do any of the following, please send me a DM.
[ ] Email + text supporters so far about the rally on Monday and Thursday (petition + phone bank + RSVP + WCU members)
[ ] Create an ActionNetwork RSVP form for the Rally

@Bozzii and I were working on the banner (3ft x 6ft). I can send it to Creative Vision Printing tomorrow, but does anyone have any feedback before I do?

Thank you to everyone who phone banked today. We got 20 people to sign the petition!

Just as something for everyone to consider, our social media reach has been ~3000 people in the last month on Instagram. Through phone banking, we are reaching highly supportive people, who want to attend rallies, and help out but have not seen any of our stuff on social. So, we need to engage in additional outreach methods.

After phone banking, we discussed posting flyers in our communities, on telephone poles, businesses, churches, etc. It is election season, so people are paying more attention to politics. And I have not seen any Harder signs yet; it will be good if ours are the only ones with his name on them.

What are some other ways we can continue raising awareness? We should discuss it at the next general meeting on 2024-01-11T08:00:00Z.

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I fantasize about billboards. A billboard on I-5?

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