Emergency Proposal: Response to Harder's PR about Gaza

During our rally, Harder released a statement about Gaza. This is really a disgusting statement the more you read it. We need to issue a response by tomorrow morning. We should mention his statement + a 1-2 sentence summary of our response in all future posts about Harder.

Unfortunately, because this is before our next General Meeting, we will need to take another vote as an Emergency Proposal to respond. We are meeting at 8:30PM tonight to write up a response. We will share our draft with anyone who cannot make it and ask for feedback before posting it.

Emergency Proposal: Write a short response, in collaboration with 209forPalestine and ProgressiveUnity, to Harder’s recent statement about Gaza. It will be posted on the morning of January 6th, 2024, and we will also email everyone that has signed on to the petition. All members will have an opportunity to give feedback on the statement. We need five votes from Members to approve this action. Link to current draft - no substantial changes will be made at this point.

A short list of things to include: No condemnation of Israel’s role in the genocide currently happening; Harder placing significant expectations on the people of Gaza before his ceasefire agreement conditions can be met; completely ignoring the actions he and his colleagues could take right now to stop the genocide.

I attached a PDF version of Harder’s statement in case it gets edited later.
‘Rep. Harder Calls for Bilateral Ceasefire to Protect Innocent Lives I Representative Josh Harder’ - harder.house.gov.pdf (128.1 KB)

I will DM everyone the Zoom link for tonight at 8:30 PM. If you need it, please message or text me or @HipGnosis.

Submoved. I agree let’s do a write up follow up. No further funds for this war!

I vote for WCU to craft a response

I vote yes to respond to Harder’s call for a bilateral ceasefire.

I vote in favor of a response

I vote yes in favor of putting out this response

I vote yes on publishing the letter

I vote yes to the response. Free the people, free the land!