2024-02-18 Temporary Working Group Meeting: Public Facing Material

Time: 6:30pm
Location: Zoom

This is a meeting to begin outlining a process for how Working Class Unity will manage its public facing material. It will be open to all @WCU_Members. Anyone unable to attend may leave suggestions below for consideration.

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MEETING NOTES for those unable to attend:

-attendance: @HipGnosis, @collectivestruggle, @chima and @Adri_Martinez
-created a Google Document to jot down ideas on guidelines for creating and processes for approving public facing material
-to have uniformity in appearance, we talked about using templates and/or including instructions and samples of the kind of font, coloring, etc. that should be used for Working Class Unity content
-the idea was floated around of having a new rotating 3-person Committee responsible for judging whether a submission should be published; no consensus reached among attendees on how frequently members should be rotated in & out of the Committee but monthly intervals (at every General Meeting) was suggested; rotation occurring on a quarterly basis was also suggested; concern was expressed over how this approach would potentially only allow for the most active members, or the ones with the most free time, to be in these roles
-@chima and @HipGnosis were of a similar mind that once a decision to approve content is made by the Committee, the process would then move to a relevant Steering Member (For example: The Campaign Coordinator would receive an approved submission from the Committee for content related to Focus Campaigns.) who could either post or refuse to post the content; some discussion on recalling a Steering Member ensued; there were diverging opinions on how to proceed from there; Would the opportunity to appeal that decision by the Steering Member be delayed to the next General Meeting or could it take place on the Discourse Forum?; @Adri_Martinez spoke on the need for checks & balances while also having timely decision-making and offered up the suggestion of having a time-frame (Example: 48 hours) for when voting starts and ends regarding those situations on the Discourse Forum
-@chima: we may be making a lot of paperwork for ourselves; would prefer to spend more time on actions like canvassing
-need a decision-making chart, like the one below, for public facing material

-pivoted to the Tenant Union Focus Campaign (finding sample letters, searching for who is in charge of code enforcement, etc.) for the rest of the call

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Thanks for writing up the summary!

I moved it to the public WCU category. Don’t think we’ll be covering anything hyper secure with this.