2023-09-25 General Meeting

2023-09-25 General Meeting


Campaign Coordinator: @chima
Membership Coordinator: @HipGnosis
Treasurer: @Turcotte
Secretary: @Robert_H - absent
Other members: @Adri_Martinez and @collectivestruggle

Meeting Notes


  • @collectivestruggle called the meeting to order at 6:02pm and served as the Meeting Leader
  • Roll call taken, quorum present

Reports of Members Sick or in Distress

Reports of Officers and Committees

  • Membership Coordinator: We’re still working on the tenant handbook. We’ve had a couple of good sessions. Hopefully, we can get the handbook done in time for the first meeting with tenants.
  • Campaign Coordinator: @chima presented later in the meeting.
  • Secretary (@chima presented on @Robert_H’s behalf): We got an email from the EWOC folks asking us to sign up for EWOC training and to do an orientation. Lucas has signed up for training on October 4th at noon. @chima will link to it later. They also invited us to a CalCare event.
  • Treasurer: Form 8976 (Notice of Intent to Operate Under Section 501(c)(4)) was filed. Form SI-100 (Statement of Information) was filed.

Financial Report

  • The Treasure’s Folder will track things like filing fees.

Unfinished Business

  • There seemed to be consensus around having a WCU Social: Board Game Night after the next in-person General Meeting.
  • @collectivestruggle will reach back out to folks from San Joaquin Delta College to get information about tabling. No dates set for tabling.
  • @chima presented a layout for a Working Class Unity table cover. @collectivestruggle motioned to approve the layout of the table cover in yellow. It was seconded by @chima. Motion passed unanimously.

New Business

  • There was discussion around signing up for EWOC training.
  • There was discussion around park cleanup events. @collectivestruggle motioned to end park cleanups as of now. It was seconded by @Adri_Martinez. Motion passed unanimously.
  • @chima, @Turcotte and @HipGnosis went over notes from CalVilla canvassing. @chima asked membership to please check out the Tenant Union Survey. There was discussion around dates for canvassing. @chima kindly requested for everyone to research potential venues to hold the first meeting with tenants.
  • @collectivestruggle requested members to send an email to info@workingclassunity.com with the subject line “Contact Preferences” to convey #1 the best way (email, text message, phone call, WhatsApp, etc.) to reach you, #2 the best time (hours of the day) to reach you, and #3, per @chima, please add the best way to reach you for things like weekly reminders if different from #1 + the best way to reach you for alerts like last minute cancellations if different from #1.
  • @collectivestruggle and @chima encouraged membership to RSVP for events.



Thanks again for doing this so quickly!

As discussed, I reached back out to San Joaquin Delta College about tabling.

See our correspondence below.

I’ve also attached SJDC’s Activity & Facility Permit Request form.
Activity & Facility Permit Request 2012.pdf (34.0 KB)
Key Points:
-the activity/event must be scheduled two weeks in advance
-must include a written letter describing our organization’s mission and the purpose of the activity/event
-tables will be provided
-copies of all materials (signs, books, etc.) must be submitted with our request