2023-10-12 General Meeting

2023-10-12 General Meeting

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Campaign Coordinator: @chima
Membership Coordinator: @HipGnosis
Treasurer: @Turcotte
Secretary: @Robert_H - absent
Other members: @anon26178869 @Joanna @aleiva01

Meeting Notes


  • @chima called the meeting to order at 6:24pm and served as the Meeting Leader
  • quorum present

Approval of Minutes

  • @chima motioned to approve the WCU General Meeting Minutes, for September 14th, 2023 and September 25th, 2023, as posted on the Discourse forum. Seconded by @aleiva01. Motion passed unanimously.

Reports of Members Sick or in Distress

Reports of Officers and Committees

  • Secretary (presented by @chima on behalf of @Robert_H): Emails from EWOC were received. @chima, @HipGnosis & Lucas onboarded to EWOC, and they are scheduled for training in November. There may be one more orientation, but other than that, they haven’t done anything else with EWOC.
  • Membership Coordinator: Not a lot has changed. Basically in the same spot as before. Membership can contact Steering Committee members about gaining access to the WhatsApp group.
  • Campaign Coordinator: Just doing tenant organizing. In terms of canvassing, about three-fifths of the CalVilla neighborhood has been covered. There was talk about the previous canvassing event. The next canvassing days are Thursday, October 19th at 5:30pm and Thursday, October 26th. @HipGnosis suggested asking tenants when they are mostly available, so that we can schedule meetings that everyone can attend.
  • Treasurer: We haven’t heard back. The next step is to file more paperwork.

Additional Comments

  • @HipGnosis motioned to discuss the petition (A Plea for Palestine) prepared by him and @chima. Seconded by @anon26178869. Motion passed. Discussion ensued. Additions and edits were made.
  • Motion was made by @chima to create a process for approving things–like organization/mission statement-type stuff–which involves: First) having to be approved at a Membership Meeting, Second) being posted on the Discourse forum and Third) getting five YES votes, consisting of a maximum of two Steering Committee votes, on the Discourse forum. Seconded by @Joanna. Motion passed.


Meeting notes provided by @anon26178869