2023-11-27 General Meeting

2023-11-27 General Meeting

Campaign Coordinator: @chima
Membership Coordinator: @HipGnosis
Treasurer: @Turcotte
Secretary: @Robert_H - absent
Other members: @Joanna and @aleiva01

Meeting Notes

  • @chima served as Meeting Leader
  • Quorum present

Approval of Minutes

  • Previous minutes were not prepared and, therefore, not approved. The Steering Committee meeting recording must be edited due to a security issue; if anyone wants to know the specifics, they can contact the @WCU_Steering members and view the original recording. (It’s something members already know but was not meant for public viewing.)

Reports of Members Sick or in Distress

  • No new reports

Reports of Officers and Committees

  • Secretary (presented by @chima on behalf of @Robert_H): Nothing to report.
  • Treasurer (@Turcotte): @collectivestruggle has recommended a contact to handle our 501c4 paperwork.
  • Membership Coordinator (@HipGnosis): We have difficulty finding a place to hold our first tenant union meeting. We are holding elections at the next meeting.
    Treasurer (@Turcotte): @collectivestruggle helped with tax forms. We will reach out to someone who can hopefully help us.
  • Campaign Coordinator (@chima): We will discuss TU and Palestine in a later portion.

Meeting Notes


  • First contact may have lost interest.
  • We are on hold to develop an SOP for contacting new workers.

Elections Committee

  • Voted for the Elections Committee to ask nominees nominated to multiple positions to choose which positions they want to run for before the election. Bylaws to formalize this protocol will be introduced at the next meeting.
  • For elections, nominees will be allowed to have a “candidate statement” in a single email sent out to all members a week before the election meeting. Nominees are free to start a Q&A on the forum. Nominees will not be given the membership’s individual contact information.

Red Scare and Organizational Security

  • We will discuss this at a later meeting.

WCU Tenant Union (dates were changed after the meeting)

  • The offical first tenant union meeting will be on Friday, December 15th 5:30-7:30PM at the Migrant Center. Thank you to Luis Magana for letting us use his space.
  • Friday, December 8th, 6-7PM (Zoom): People will be assigned up to 10 tenants to contact. You can contact them at this meeting or any time throughout the week when you have time.
  • Saturday, December 9th, Noon-1PM: Canvas in-person
  • Thursday, December 14th, 5:30-6:30PM: Canvas in-person


  • Phone-bank Harder’s donors + progressives to leave a message to his office on December 9th around noon.
  • (not official yet) Protest in front of Harder’s Stockton office on December 21st

Reading Group

  • We will start reading Relationship-Based Organizing Series on the Fire by Fire blog for our Reading Group. It comes highly recommended and is helpful for people new to and already experienced in organizing.

The timely dissemination of meeting minutes is important. Can someone from @WCU_Steering please upload the edited recording, so they can be prepared and posted?

This is my bad, I told @HipGnosis I’d take care of it but never got around to it. I’ll upload today.

I’m not sure how to go about viewing the recording, but if anyone (@Robert_H, @Turcotte, @HipGnosis) has availability or can facilitate that, please reply below.