UPS Teamsters Tentative Agreement Reached

Seems like we were right, a tentative agreement (TA) was reached before the strike deadline.

There is growing pushback because they did not keep their promise to get part-time workers $25/hour min wage, and other wins seem more exaggerated than before.

Here are some responses:

Thoughts? I think we should put out a statement similar to Workers Strike Back - it’s important to remain critical of labor leadership, especially when they are not being transparent and throwing a segment of the union under the bus.

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At the end union will merely be a representative but may not always follow through with interests and wishes of the workers. Totally valid to be critical of what is still missing from the contract.

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I hope they vote it down and go on strike.
I think the power of the Teamsters, WGA, & SAG AFTRA would be hard to ignore.
Possibly even inapiring other to go on strike

I think I saw something about waffle house employees going on strike too

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