Strike Ready Pledge to Support Teamsters at Farmers' Markets

We are going to ask people at Farmers’ Markets to pledge support for the Teamsters currently negotiating against UPS. We will have a large flyer for folks to take a picture with along with our pledge on the back. We will also have a calendar of our events and a sign up form if folks want to particiate in WCU events in the future.

Below are three Farmers’ Markets happening in the next two weeks. Please vote for the one(s) you would like to attend and leave a comment for which days/times work best for you so we can organize around the day(s) most people are likely to go.

  • Golden Villa Farmers’ Market (July 8th 5:30-9:30AM)
  • Yosemite Street Market (July 14th 5-8PM)
  • Weberstown Hall Farmers’ Market (July 13th 8AM-1PM)

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