Suggestions for Website and Forum Improvements

We have a new event calendar that is linked here: /calendar will redirect there as well.

There is a bunch of stuff that is broken link wise on the website + we still need to add a few things. I’m going to compile a list and add it to this thread. If anyone wants to add anything, please let me know!

  • Navbar: Icon should link to homepage
  • Navbar: Links for open page are black, not visible
  • Navbar: Mobile menu needs to be fixed
  • We need a privacy statement
  • We need a form for people to join as dues paying members, not just subscribe to email list
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@denis_wells, if you want to take a look at any of this, please send me a DM and I’ll share the login for Webflow.

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Comment from separate thread:

Calendar looks great! I’m still learning Webflow, but I fixed some navigation issues. It would be great to get a second pair of eyes to make sure I didn’t miss/break anything involving:

  • WCU logo linking to the homepage
  • Navigation on mobile
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Should we have a blog at

I think it would be good to have a public facing way to talk about the actions that we do (even if it is email campaign).

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Who would write the articles?
Or I suppose I should say who would we allow to write them?
Would it be like a News Paper with something akin to “Letters to the Editor” from non-WCU members?

oh, I was thinking just limiting it to actions we take or maybe if we are trying to explain a policy/position stance. Basically a public version of some of our emails/social (something we need to build a real pipeline for that isn’t just Harpreet posting).

Although we can talk about having members write things too. Something like this Dollar Mart article, which isn’t about politics really, I think could make for powerful pieces.

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dark mode logo needs to be a png