WCU Website Development

To offer more transparency about setting up the backend, I will keep track of everything in this thread. If you see a spot you can help, please reply here or DM me!

Integration of MemberStack/Stripe and Webflow

  • App Image and Primary Color
  • Tax settings for Stripe/Membership (txcd_00000000 - Nontaxable)
  • Connect Auth Providers (different ways for users to create accounts), but only after the account creation/login/account pages are set up
  • Email templates for the following:
    Password Reset Email
    Passwordless Signup & Login
    Hello and Welcome: this is the primary welcome email; it should include links to our calendar, forum, our current campaigns, future reading lists, social media links, w/e else.
    “Abandoned Cart”
  • Create Join Page
    Need to fix spacing between text
  • Create Sign Up Page
  • Create Login Page
  • Create Profile Page
  • Create Dashboard Page (this will be member-only content / what should it be?)
  • Updated Privacy Policy
    Need to create a privacy policy page here when the default layout is set up
  • Write Terms of Service and fill out the terms of service page here
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Database for WCU

  • Initially, we thought Fibery would be a good choice, especially because they have a Map view. But it is more of a ClickUp/Notion project management tool than a database tool. It also only integrates with Zapier - I’m hoping we can eventually switch our automation to n8n, which we can self-host.
  • @Turcotte and I tried out nocodb (open-source AirTable alternative) today for the tenant information. It does not offer the same ability as AirTable to generate a link to a form that can update a record (tenant information). This form would basically allow WCU Members to update information in the AirTable DB without paying for an additional Team account. Nocodb also does not allow you to send updates to it via API, which is such a weird limitation that I didn’t even look for it before inputting data into it.
  • Baserow (another open-source alternative) is newer than nocodb but honestly looks further ahead. But there is still a small community around it.

As our initial db, we can go with AirTable and leverage all the guides for it. Baserow has the option to import airtable, so if down the line we want to swap, we can.

Eventually, we should switch to a PostgreSQL database for our data storage. That means our data would remain portable (no vendor lock-in like AirTable) and locally stored, and we can build on top of it. But that requires know-how beyond our means at the moment.

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I tried to sign-ups for the dies payments but I couldn’t.
It would take me to the login page and when I tried to get a verification code it said it wasn’t valid

Will install this component to change mobile to Latest threads instead of Categories