WCUTU Tenant Handbook Development

Hi everyone,

At the last Reading Group Meeting, @HipGnosis, @anon26178869, and I went through LATU’s Handbook Vol II. I thought it would serve as a good starting point for our handbook since LATU members said they give out the handbook when canvassing tenants.

In yellow, we highlighted sections we believe apply to residents in San Joaquin County. In green, we highlighted areas we were unsure about or had questions about. I also typed our comments in the PDF.

There is a decent amount of ground to cover in terms of green highlights. If you would like to research a section, please reply with the page number/section you want to take over.

LATU_HB_English_Volume_II_WCUedit.pdf (14.5 MB)

A Google Docs version of the PDF can be found here: WCUTU Tenant Handbook (CURRENT DRAFT) - Google Docs

Please make all edits/suggestions on there, while using the highlights on the PDF as reference for what needs to be researched.

I confirmed the green portion with an article from The Modesto Bee.

[Source: The Modesto Bee - Can a landlord enter your apartment or raise rent without notice in California?]

Here is a more detailed explanation of what a landlord must do when providing advance written notice to end a periodic tenancy:

[Source: California Tenants: A Guide To Residential Tenants’ And Landlords’ Rights And Responsibilities]

We talked about creating an online form that would allow people to generate letters to their landlords. I know there are probably a bunch of tools to do it but we should start compiling a list of tools here. This is free for up to up to 150 runs https://www.relay.app/ and might come in useful.

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