Letter to Code Enforcement About Cockroach Infestation

Task Assignments

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Task Start Date Deadline Date Assigned To In Progress Complete Reviewed by OP
Contact Stockton Code Enforcement May 6 May 15 @turcotte
Review Draft Letter to Code Enforcement May 6 May 15 @Bozzii
Develop One-Page Explainer May 6 May 15 @Englishpete08 @chima
Prepare Letter Toolkit May 6 May 15
Petition Summary May 6 May 15
Scheduling Canvassing/Phone Banking Days May 6 May 16 @chima

Task Details

Contact Stockton Code Enforcement (Start: May 6 | Deadline: May 15)

  • Ask Code Enforcement if the tenants need to give the Cal-Villa HOA a notice about the cockroach issue before contacting them or if it is enough for them to have notified their landlords months to years ago.
    – They have been responsive over the phone in the past: (209) 937-8813

Review the Review Draft Letter to Code Enforcement (Start: May 6 | Deadline: May 15)

  • Edit and finalize the draft letter intended for Cal-Villa tenants to sign and send to Stockton Code Enforcement. Once signature collection begins, it will not be appropriate to make heavy edits. @Bozzii

Develop One-Page Explainer for Code Enforcement Inquiry (Start: May 6 | Deadline: May 15)

  • Create a document for Cal-Villa tenants outlining the roles of tenants, landlords, single-unit owners, and the HOA.
  • Clarify the rationale for requesting a Code Enforcement investigation into the HOA, noting its responsibility for common areas and lack of responsiveness.
  • Provide an overview of WCUTU and the Cal-Villa Tenant Association.
  • Emphasize the importance of collective action.
  • Include a link to an online form for adding names & collecting survey responses and a link to the Letter Toolkit.

Prepare Letter Toolkit (Start: May 6 | Deadline: May 15)

  • Create a paper signup sheet to gather names, addresses, signatures, and dates, with a brief explanation of the purpose at the top.
  • Develop an online signup form allowing tenants sign on to the letter and to upload evidence of infestations and communications with landlords. @chima will work on form on.
    A short paragraph to go on top of the form that summaries the reason for the petition.
  • Produce a printable map to identify units that have not yet been contacted.
  • Recruit tenants to discuss the letter campaign with neighbors and friends, using maps to avoid overlapping efforts.

Scheduling Canvassing/Phone Banking Days (Start: May 6 | Deadline: May 16)

  • Sign up for one of the already scheduled canvassing days:
    – May 9: 5:30PM-7:30PM
    – May 16: 5:30PM-7:30PM
  • Schedule phone banking day(s). Meeting will take place on zoom; contact tenants we already have contact information for.
  • Complete this availability poll to schedule additional canvassing and phone banking sessions when Members are available (link not yet available).

I’ve written out a rationale for the one-page explainer, if anyone wants to look that over today. I just wrote down what I knew about the situation in the simplest way, highlighting as to why it’s the HOA’s responsibility and not the tenants’ to deal with the cockroaches.

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Looks great! I just added a paragraph at the end connecting HOA fees and rents back to the maintenance like we had talked about. Let me know if you get a chance to look over the WCU/Oakland part.