Policy, Standards & Practices

I’m hoping to create a guide that outlines the manner in which meetings are facilitated.
Specifically the recording of the content of the meeting in a difference format so that members may look back and get a clear picture of the thinking that lead to any particular decision.

At the moment there is already an external media document that is being worked on.
In addition I believe we should create a guide that explains how to facilitate a meeting such as how and what to record (note take, video recording etc), choosing a facilitator, a vibes checker etc etc
Also it would make sense to roll the points of unity, and member handbook into this as well.

If you have any questions or would like to participate message me on here, or on the Whatsapp.

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I still need to set it up, but you can automate the upload of a Zoom recording to a Google Drive folder. That should at least save the hassle of recording locally and uploading it or waiting for a steering member with Zoom account access to upload it to the drive.

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Yes, we do need something like this.

"What to Leave Out in Bylaws

Information that Will Change Frequently

The Bylaws should reflect the fundamental rules governing the [organization] that are not likely to change frequently. Staff job descriptions, detailed committee charters, rules for conducting the annual meeting, guidelines for fundraisers, etc. are better suited for board resolutions or [an organization’s] policies and procedures manual. In this manner, the board can avoid constantly amending the bylaws when a simple resolution will suffice."

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