WCU CVPrint Order (tshirts +)

I dropped by CVPrint today to talk about printing tshirts.

We’re going to place a min order of 24, so shirts will ~$13.33 per shirt.

If you’d like a shirt, please let me know what size(s)/color(s) you’d like. You can reply here or send me a DM here or on social. Since we do not have dues up and running yet, I’m going to ask everyone to pitch in for their shirt at least.


i’ll take one yellow in medium and one black in medium

Updated post with pictures of the proofs.

What will the final price be per shirt? Might make a difference on if I get two or not.

Depends on how many we order (every shirt we order gets us closer the 24 shirt $13.33 price). But I think I’ll probably just order a few extra to get us to 24 so we can get the cheapest price.

if the price is 13.33 then ill get one of each in an XL

I will take 2 XL in Black

Updated the graphic again. I asked them to include their union bug on the shirts.

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That was a good idea!

Just placed the order for 24 shirts. We’ll have about 11 extra so I bought 1 of each size in both colors + an additional medium since that was the most popular size.

I’ll buy a black shirt in 2X - thank you!

I’ll bring the shirts to the next in person event!


They turned out great! Can’t wait to try 'em on.

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