Landlord Research

At our last meeting, we voted to investigate whether CalVilla Townhomes would be a good place to start doing community outreach and gauge interest in forming a Tenant Association from our neighbors there.

Due to reasons outline in our general meeting presentation, it’s important for us to better understand who the property managers and landlords in the area are.

I have written a short guide on researching your landlord using resources from ATUN. However, it is generic, and we need to fill in details that are specific to California and San Joaquin County.

We should complete the research on CalVilla before Wednesday, as it may inform our conversations when canvassing the neighborhood later in the week. If you would like to help, please list your availability this weekend or early next week so we can figure out a good time to meet over Zoom.

WCU Researching Your Landlord

I’m available tomorrow evening

We’re start a zoom call (7PM Saturday), if anyone wants to hop on, feel free. I’ll edit this post when we are done to remove the link.