June Action Items - No Votes for Genocide

I marked the previous thread as DONE. A summary of our previous actions can be found in that thread here. @Bozzii and I met today and drafted an outline for Action Items this month. If you have any comments about that, please reply below or send either of us a direct message.

If you have questions about any of these action items, please schedule a quick zoom meeting with a member of the Steering Committee here. We were elected to help Members achieve the goals they voted for, so please don’t hesitate to book a meeting!

Task Assignments

Please add your name to the table by clicking on the :pencil2: emoji at the top right of the table.

Task Assigned To In Progress Complete Review by OP
NoVotesforGenocide.com: Edit Pledge Language
Pledge Sign Up Sheets @chima
Pledge Small Flyers
Half-Page Flyers with Information About Palestine @Bozziii
Half-Page Flyers with Josh’s Voting Record @turcotte
Social Media Post: Campaign Launch
Social Media Post: Evergreen Add Your Name
Social Media Post: Canvassing Days
Emails: Introducing People to Campaign @Bozziii
Emails: Sign up for canvassing this month
Emails: Spread the Word @Bozziii
Website: Campaign Overview

Task Details

No Votes for Genocide Pledge


  • Edit Pledge Language (see Google Doc)
  • I made another edit to the pledge language to ensure it fits the form without scrolling.
  • @Bozzii and I updated the pledge language to account for a potential temporary ceasefire.
  • We need at least one more person to review it, but more would be better.

Pledge Sign Up Sheets

These sheets will be the primary way we collect signatures in person.

  • Include: pledge, name, address, phone, email, “Help Do Outreach” checkbox, and QR codes linking to the pledge and WCU registration.
  • Small flyer with pledge, QR code, and link to the WCU website.

Outreach Materials

Half-page flyers with information: (see Google Doc):

  • Information about Palestine
  • Josh’s voting record (we need to update language on IG post here)

Social Media Posts

Please draft the captions for the posts. You do not have to create the images.

  • Post announcing the official launch of our campaign (see Google Doc). Include information about the campaign and our reasons for targeting Josh, Biden, labor, donors, etc.
  • Evergreen post asking people to add their name to the petition. Include information about all the candidates. (see Google Doc)
  • Two posts asking people to come out to canvass on May 8th in front of Costco and May 15th in front of Weberstown Mall (see Google Doc).

Emails to WCU List (members + volunteers)

  • Draft email introducing people to the campaign (see Google Doc).
  • Draft two emails asking people to sign up for our canvassing days (see Google Doc).
  • Draft email asking people to pledge, share with friends/family. We can send this to people two weeks after they sign. (see Google Doc).

Text messages

  • Invite to Costco Flyering Event (see Google Doc)

Outreach and Social Events

  • We would like to hold a Palestine centered movie night in June at a local park. Please post recommendations for park locations, times, and movie recommendations below.
  • In July, hold a “Town Hall” meeting where we present the No Votes for Genocide plan and answer questions people may have and brainstorm more ideas with the folks there.

Start WhatsApp Group Chat for NVFG Volunteers

  • Create WhatsApp Community (@Bozzii can you add the invite link here?)
  • Start adding volunteers when first canvassing day is 100% confirmed
  • We need to add these folks to Supabase (@Turcotte)

No Votes for Genocide / Free Palestine Website Overview

  • A short explanation of why our organization voted for this campaign and why we think it is important towards achieving our overall goals. (see Google Doc).
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I made printer friendly versions that we could use in our toolkit. Please let me know if you have edits.

We need to revise the flyer so it does not have Joe Biden’s and Josh Harder’s face on it. A lot of folks were turned off just by seeing their faces. Maybe displaying Gaza/Palestine/Ceasefire/End the War in larger font would work better.

During our last general meeting, we cemented the dates for the upcoming tabling events. On Saturday, WCU members and volunteers launched our first day of tabling for our No Votes for Genocide pledge. We gathered 74 signatures in the two and a half hours we spent in the Costco parking lot. Additionally, a comrade organizing a rally in Lodi reached out to us to attend their event, beginning a discussion about sponsoring the event.